Tails Up Paws Down offers private sessions and group training for obedience and good manners as well as behavior modification for issues like; aggression, resource guarding and on leash reactivity. We occasionally have  Therapy/Service/Facility Dogs available for placement. 

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say About Us!

Dog training done properly is a gift…and Kevin Knartzer possess that gift. He talks to the dogs in their language. The effect is one where the dogs want to please him and show their understanding. I admire Kevin’s strength of character…the dogs know it, sense it, and respond. Kevin’s calm nature is also reflected in his dogs. They know he’s not going to ‘hurt them’ to make them perform or behave. They love him, because he knows their mind. Kevin Knartzer touches the heart of a dog.

Patty Spitler of Wish-TV and Pet Pals TV

Kevin is an amazing teacher and has taught us so much. He is SO incredibly knowledgeable. He helped us to see that our dog had major anxiety and gave us great advice on how to get her help. Kevin was super patient with all her barking in class, was very gentle, and never pushy. He went above and beyond to help us in every way, even sending us articles to read and letting us text/email questions. We have seen MAJOR changes in our puppy girl with the help and support of Kevin. My husband and I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting a professional, friendly trainer!

Tom and Kelli T

Kevin really loves his job and he’ll love your pets too. He is very knowledgeable, VERY available for questions and answers 24/7, and never makes you feel like he is doing a “job”. He takes as much time as needed to explain things to you and provides an abundance of information face to face and electronically.

We really enjoy our at home trainings with Kevin. Definitely give him a call if you are looking for a trainer!

We have two golden doodles and he’s been great!

Chris and Tara R

Trained Dogs Sometimes Available as Pets. 

Occasionally we have dogs available that have not made it to the level of a dog with Public Acess. We have placed dogs as Service Dogs and Facility Dogs in schools and funeral homes and even one dog that went on the stand to help children testify in court! We are very proud of every dog we have worked with, regardless of the outcome. Only about 1/4 to 1/3 trained as a dog for being in public is capable of it for any of a number of reasons. We believe in only letting those that are confident and safe enough to do one of these demanding jobs go on and if not they become wonderful companions. Sometimes we also have dogs that can’t go in public but may be able to help a family with a special need that could benefit from a well-behaved dog. Please feel free to contact us with any questions! We include multiple in home sessions and an obedience class in the adoption fee so that your new family member is set up to be successful!

This is what one of our adopters said…

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank Kevin for trusting us to give a good home to Qizmet, who is so special and has brought us much joy!!! Kevin spent months training him for therapy, but due to an unpredictable startle reflex could not be placed as a therapy/ Service dog. We are so grateful that he is now ours!! Due to Kevin’s excellent training, Qiz is a dream to walk or run on a lead, he always comes to his name, loves to run around and play with his ball in the yard, he’s always trying to please. He’s friendly without jumping on anyone and if dogs can smile, he is always smiling!! I still see Qiz as fulfilling his role as a “therapy” dog, since he came into our lives he has been my personal therapy dog! He has helped me to recover after breast cancer surgery followed closely by the loss of my almost 15 year old lab mix, Max. It’s been a crazy 10 months, but having Qiz has made my life better and is helping me move forward to a full recovery! Thank you, Kevin, for your excellent training of Qiz, it’s made him a near perfect dog. He even brings me flowers from the butterfly bush in our yard! How many people can say that!!!!

Nick and Jane M